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Storm Damage

Severe Weather

In for stormy weather? Forte Roofing might be on your to-do list in the very near future—especially if your property is leaking after a nasty wind storm or flash flood. Your roof takes the brunt of the damage in harsh weather, and it has a big job. Unfortunately, sometimes even the best roofs with superior installation crack under pressure. Maybe it’s an intense lightning strike, a golf ball sized hail storm, or high winds have done a number on trees limbs and they damaged your roof.

Most property owners have two major concerns post-storm: 1) How bad is the damage and 2) How much is this going to cost me?

Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Good news! Forte Roofing deals with insurance claims so you don’t have to. Why settle for repairs, we are experts in maneuvering the insurance maze so you can get a new roof pronto, if your damage is covered.  Let Forte Roofing take care of the storm’s aftermath, from handling the insurance claim to lightning fast repairs. We have a wide selection of materials available—all with warranties, so any future storms have their work cut out for them.

Get Storm Damage Repair Done Quickly

Remember: Storms don’t play favorites and there’s no telling how much damage your roof has really endured unless you get a professional inspection. Forte Roofing acts quickly, professionally and has extensive experience working with insurance agencies. Forget about the calm after the storm—now’s the time to take action.

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